Exciting News at the End of 2014...

After receiving an application from Moganyaka and advice from diocesan Chapter and Finance Board, †Martin has announced that the Moganyaka Cluster of Sekhukhuneland will become a Mission Parish (in the Lepelle Archdeaconry) as from January 2015.

Congratulations to the leaders and people of Moganyaka! They now face the challenge of growing into a self-sufficient parish.

The congregation at Moganyaka at †Martin's visit in 2014

†Martin visited the Moganyaka cluster of congregations in Sekhukhuneland parish on Sunday 17th August 2014.

After the service he met with leaders to discuss plans to multiply the parish, ultimately, into four new parishes.

This is a challenging process, because each cluster is at a different stage in its development. So it will take a great deal of prayer, negotiation and listening - to God and one another.

†Martin with servers at St John's Moganyaka †Martin met with leaders of Sekhukhuneland parish