Bishop Martin Breytenbach

Stompie travels around the Diocese with †Martin, sharing his preaching and teaching ministry.

The Diocesan Office at 29 Devenish Street

The Diocesan Centre at 29 Devenish Street, Polokwane

Ordination at Christ Church Cathedral, Polokwane on 30th January 2016. Three priests were ordained: Philip Moseki (Assistant Priest at Christ Church Cathedral), Rhoda Nyanhongo (Self-Supporting Priest in Modimolle), Engenas Ramatla (Pioneer Priest in Kopanong Archdeaconry)

Ordination at Christ Church Cathedral

The Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist covers nearly the same area as the Limpopo Province of South Africa.


Anglicans Ablaze 2016

Here is exciting information about the next big Anglicans Ablaze Conference: Wednesday 5th to Saturday 8th October...

Go to Anglicans Ablaze and look at the top right hand side of the page for all the AA 2016 Downloads - poster, registration form, fundraising letter and  fundraising guidelines.

 "Blazing Train"

We are organising a train to and from the conference! More details about the "Blazing Train" and the form to book tickets can be downloaded by clicking: Anglicans Ablaze Train

See you in Cape Town!

†Martin's Ad Clerum for Lent 2016 has been published please click to find it and all the documents related to it:

Ad Clerum Lent 2016

Clergy Day on Anglicanism

We had a stimulating Clergy day on 25th February 2016 as part of the process of contributing to the Anglican Prayer Book revision progress. Rev Dr Ananias Radebe of the Diocese of Matlosane led us in a presentation - giving his understanding of Anglicanism and its historical development. It led to quite lively discussion, with many different points of view being expressed about a range of issues! Please click to see the Presentation on Anglicanism.


The Diocese is organised into 5 departments, and the Parishes are grouped into 7 Archdeaconries


The Parishes tab at the top of this page will lead you to the Archdeaconries and the parishes that make up each Archdeaconry. Most of our parishes are made up of many chapelries and congregations, each of which has the same "status" - we do not have "mother churches" or "outstations".


The Departments are:

  1. The Bishop's Ministry

  2. Governance

  3. Growing the Church

  4. Development

  5. Organisations


The Parishes are organised into 7 Archdeaconries:

  1. Kopanong

  2. Lepelle

  3. Mopani

  4. Vhembe

  5. Waterberg

  6. West

  7. South West

Click on the tabs and the top of the page to learn more


Southern Anglican





Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist
(Anglican Church of Southern Africa)

Street address:
29 Devenish Street
Limpopo Province
Republic of South Africa

Postal address:
P.O Box 643

Telephone: +27 15 297 3297
Fax: +27 15 297 0408

Our Vision

To make disciples in vibrant, self-sufficient congregations established and linked to each other by sharing in:
   * Resources
   * Ministry and service
   * Outreach and evangelism

Our Goals

Every parish aims to have:
  1. A stipendiary rector to give leadership
  2. A team of self-supporting (“community”) clergy
  3. Many lay leaders – licensed, elected and appointed
  4. A church supported youth pastor
  5. All members discovering their gifts and using them in ministry & mission
  6. Community development and work-creating projects wherever we have property.

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