Bishop Martin Breytenbach

Stompie travels around the Diocese with †Martin, sharing his preaching and teaching ministry.

The Diocesan Office at 29 Devenish Street

The Diocesan Centre at 29 Devenish Street, Polokwane

Bishop's Teaching Day with Mothers' Union

†Martin spent the morning of Saturday 16th July with about 100 members of the Mothers' Union in the Diocese in his annual Teaching Day. The morning started with a celebration of the Eucharist, followed by sessions on Making Young Disciples and Green Anglicans.

  1. In the Eucharist, †Martin taught about Mary and Martha from Luke 10:38-42, using a PowerPoint presentation entitled "Mary or Martha?" (click to see the presentation). Mary and Martha represent two different kinds of people in the church - 1st commandment (love God) & 2nd commandment (love your neighbour), faith and works, prayer and action, "spiritual" and "practical". Both have tremendous strengths and potential weaknesses, and we need both! The title should not be "Mary or Martha?" but "Mary AND Martha"! This principle was applied to the two main topics of the day, and †Martin challenged the MU members to combine faith with action at parish level in responding to these topics.
  2.  Speaking about "Young Disciples" (click to see the presentation), †Martin explained the need to grow our young people in understanding (head), attitudes & behaviour (heart), and mission & ministry (hands). He spoke about the many questions for which young people need answers, and challenged MU members to be actively involved in making young disciples. In particular he encouraged them to support:
    • Rooted in Jesus among young people
    • The Diocesan Volunteer and Intern Programme (VIP)
    • Young women who have been accepted for training for Ordained ministry (stipendiary) at the College of the Transfiguration.
  3. In the last part of the morning Diocesan Environmental Intern, Robbie Stuart-Thompson, did a presentation on the environment. In it he highlighted practical and simple yet far-reaching things that members of the MU can do to care for our environment as Green Anglicans. They were given a work sheet and challenged to take it home and implement their decisions at Chapelry and Parish level.

Robbie S-T addresses MU members


Mission Shaped Introduction

Jonathan Meintjes Reports on our Diocesan Clergy School at the beginning of July 2016

There is no substitute for traditional church structures and corporate worship. They play a fundamental part in the lives of the members for educational purposes as well as a way in which people express their love and devotion toward God through Jesus Christ. The problem is that while such structures and forms or worship are good for current members of the church they do not always appeal to others who are outside the body of Christ. Currently we are experiencing an exodus from the church, especially of young urbanised people who feel that traditional forms hold little or no appeal to them. Here lies a challenge for all of us concerned with the building of the Kingdom of God.

In the light of the above a movement was formed by Bishop Graham Cray in the United Kingdom. Now retired, Bishop Cray was the Bishop Missioner to the Archbishop of Canterbury. His vision included an ecumenical movement that would find new and fresh ways of conveying the Gospel to people who were not in the main line churches. Thus a movement was born called Fresh Expressions. The intent of this movement was to help Christians, regardless of denominational affiliation to find fresh expressions of doing “church” that would be inviting and available to people who were outside the traditional body of Christ.

MSI Group

As a consequence, Fresh Expressions in England have produced a couple of intensive training courses to equip people with the tools to begin to explore a fresh expression church in their area. The first course in the process is the MSI or Mission Shaped Introduction course, which was held as the annual clergy school, at Christ Church Cathedral in Polokwane at the end of June and beginning of July. Members of the clergy and laity spent two and a half days exploring creative ways to bring Jesus Christ to people within their communities without them having to be dragged into church.

The course is a summarised version of the year long Mission Shaped Ministry (MSM) course. The topics covered were:

  • Rediscovering Mission
  • Changing World: Changing Church
  • Re-Imagining Church and
  • Where do we go from here.

The final morning was convened by Bishop Martin as a report back and sharing session for the different archdeaconries.

The course was not only very interesting and full of new ideas of what we can do to bring the Gospel to the world out there, but it was also challenging in that each delegate and group was tasked with doing some in depth analysis of the situation in their particular neighbourhoods and what they could do to begin and sustain a fresh expression of ministry.

MSI Clergy School

MSI Clergy School MSI Clergy School
MSI Clergy School

MSI Clergy School

MSI Clergy School

MSI Clergy School 


Anglicans Ablaze 2016

Here is exciting information about the next big Anglicans Ablaze Conference: Wednesday 5th to Saturday 8th October...

Go to Anglicans Ablaze and look at the top right hand side of the page for all the AA 2016 Downloads - poster, registration form, fundraising letter and  fundraising guidelines.

 "Blazing Train"

We are organizing a train to and from the conference! More details about the "Blazing Train" and the form to book tickets can be downloaded by clicking: Anglicans Ablaze Train

If you have any difficulty registering, please contact Jacky at the Diocesan Office - she will be able to help you.

See you in Cape Town!

†Martin's Ad Clerum for Pentecost Season 2016 has been published.

Please click to find it and all the documents related to it:

Ad Clerum 2016

The Diocese is organised into 5 departments, and the Parishes are grouped into 7 Archdeaconries


The Parishes tab at the top of this page will lead you to the Archdeaconries and the parishes that make up each Archdeaconry. Most of our parishes are made up of many chapelries and congregations, each of which has the same "status" - we do not have "mother churches" or "outstations".


The Departments are:

  1. The Bishop's Ministry

  2. Governance

  3. Growing the Church

  4. Development

  5. Organisations


The Parishes are organised into 7 Archdeaconries:

  1. Kopanong

  2. Lepelle

  3. Mopani

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  5. Waterberg

  6. West

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Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist
(Anglican Church of Southern Africa)

Street address:
29 Devenish Street
Limpopo Province
Republic of South Africa

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Our Vision

To make disciples in vibrant, self-sufficient congregations established and linked to each other by sharing in:
   * Resources
   * Ministry and service
   * Outreach and evangelism

Our Goals

Every parish aims to have:
  1. A stipendiary rector to give leadership
  2. A team of self-supporting (“community”) clergy
  3. Many lay leaders – licensed, elected and appointed
  4. A church supported youth pastor
  5. All members discovering their gifts and using them in ministry & mission
  6. Community development and work-creating projects wherever we have property.

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